Dear Sir/Madame,

thank you for your interest in our accommodation. We will do our best to ensure that you spend your holiday with us in the best possible way and that you, like all our guests, are happy to return to us again. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after you have sent your inquiry. Also, please review our General Terms and Conditions below.

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Vice Usorac, Dalmatinska 9, 21330 Gradac n / m

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Down payment

Reservation request is sent to the Renter by e-mail via the web form on the Renter’s website or in person by phone. The Renter will respond to the reservation request within 12 hours or earlier. The Renter is authorized to refuse the reservation request without stating the reason (s) for refusal. If the Renter’s response is confirmed by the Guest, an advance payment of 25% of the total amount of the accommodation bill is expected to be payed. The Renter will make a reservation to the Guest and send a confirmation of the reservation and a Instruction for accommodation upon receipt of proof or notification of the advance payment. The proof of the payment (of the advance payment) must be submitted by the Guest at the above e-mail address specified in the heading of the General Terms and Conditions.

Depending on his or her free will and place of residence, the Guest makes a down payment in one of the ways specified below:

  1. Payment to a foreign currency account (Foreign payments) Payment user: Vice Usorac, Dalmatinska 9,21330 Gradac Foreign currency account number: HR7223600003239723026 – Bank name: Zagrebačka banka d.d. – Bank Headquarters: Zagreb, Ban Josip Jelačić Square 10 SWIFT / BIC: ZABAHR2X – IBAN: HR7223600003239723026


  1. Private current account (Domestic payments) Payee: Vice Usorac, Dalmatinska 9, 21330 Gradac Raiffeisen Bank; Account number: 2484008-3234583673 IBAN: HR4424840083234583673


  1. Post Cash (Foreign payment BiH,Serbia)


Confirmation of reservation

Reservation of accommodation is final after the Renter receives proof of payment of the advance payment of the Guest, after which the Renter sends an e-mail or fax to the Guest confirming the reservation or the Instruction for accommodation / voucher. The confirmation of the reservation or the Accommodation Instruction is also a contract between the Renter and the Guest. The Renter agrees to keep the accommodation available for the period agreed with the Guest until his arrival.

The process of canceling a reservation of accommodation

If the Guest cancels the reservation of accommodation after the payment of the advance and if the reservation is canceled in the period less than 3 days before the arrival of the Guest, then the Renter of the apartment acquires the right to keep the whole amount of the advance. In this case, the Renter leaves the possibility for the Guest to find a replacement for the agreed accommodation. If the reservation is canceled for a period longer than 10 days prior to the arrival of the Guest, then the Renter acquires the right to retain 45% of the advance, while he is obliged to return the other 55% of the advance to the Guest.

Settling the Invoice

The invoice must be paid within the first hour of the first day of arrival of the Guest, otherwise the Guest will have to leave the agreed accommodation capacity, and his down payment (if paid earlier) will be retained by the Accommodation Owner/ Renter. Settling your invoice involves paying the full amount of the accommodation service, minus the down payment.


Refunds are not possible after the Guest has started to use the accommodation, that is, after having paid the entire bill, regardless of the circumstances. Shortening the stay of the Guest for any reason does not constitute a reason for the refund by the Renter.

Damage incurred

The Guest is responsible for any damage that must be fully paid to the Renter and incurred during his stay in the Renter’s accommodation capacity. The term Guest also includes persons who are with the Guest or his guests during their stay with the landlord. Damage shall be understood to mean damaged, destroyed or missing property of the Renter. In case of loss of the keys to the accommodation, the Guest reimburses the cost of replacement of the new lock.

The Guest is obliged to immediately report to the Renter any damage caused to the property of the Renter.

House Rules

The number of persons in the accommodation unit used by the Guest must not exceed the number of persons agreed between the Guest and the Renter while arranging accommodation. Visits are allowed between 09h and 12h and 19h to 21h, after which only the Guest and the persons accompanying him (initially contracted between the Renter and the Guest) can reside in the rented space. The stay starts at 13.00 on the first day of the stay, and ends at 10.00 on the last day of the stay, after which the Guest is not authorized to use the accommodation capacity anymore. The accomodation needs to be freed from things and persons due to cleaning. The last day of stay (day of departure) is not includedin the total number of days of stay. The Guest is expected to have civilized behavior during the stay, without making noise or other misconduct, which will not interfere with the other Guests during their stay. If the Guest or his entourage behave in an improper manner, they do incidents outside the civilized standards, the Renter will, ask them to leave the accommodation unit with immediate effect. Pets are only allowed if there is prior agreement between the Guest and the Renter.

Owner responsibility

In the following cases, the Renterwill not be held responsible(to the Guest) for the following:

  1. Periodic suspension of public services that are not under the responsibility of the Renter / electricity, water, Internet /,
  2. Loss, damage or injury caused by negligence, weather, war, rebellion or other are also not under the responsibility of the Renter.

There are no conditions which increase the material liability of the Renter towards the Guest in excess of the amount paid by the Guest for his stay with the Renter.

Dispute settlement

All disputes will be settled by agreement and in a civilized way. However, in the event of a dispute, the Renter and the Guest jointly agree on the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Split.