Places to visit

Baćina lakes

Gems of untouched nature, located in the immediate vicinity of the sea and along the delta of the Neretva River, with which they form the natural habitat of waterfowl, wild ducks, black foxes and other species. Baćina lakes consist of seven interconnected lakes 5 to 35 meters deep.

The lakes are rich in fish, especially the “cipli” fish and the eel. They are abundant in clean springs originating from the mountain massifs, so they are used to supply drinking water to the inhabitants of Ploče, Gradac and the surrounding villages. In winter, the lake level rises over 2.5 meters and the tunnel below the Adriatic highway drains excess water into the sea. The summers are mild and warm, full of smells and colors, enriched by the singing of songbirds and frog crickets, ideal for quiet vacations, walks and nature excursions. The lakes are, on average, warmer than the sea, so they are comfortable for swimming, boating and surfing.

Biokovo mountain trails – hiking – Skywalk

Biokovo’s mountain trails hide unique forms of natural karst beauty, historical remains, natural springs and animals, and lead to unforgettable views of the open sea.

In addition, this area is rich in various medicinal wild plants. With the guide’s instructions on the difficulty of the ascent, the distance and the paths, the indescribable experience of the mountain is indispensable, complemented by the geographical and historical heritage of Gradac.

Gradac is surrounded by many beauties that are the perfect bait for visitors, and offers a mix of historical, cultural and natural beauties. If you want to experience this unique place to the fullest, we strongly recommend you to choose one of the HIKING ROUTES or SAIL THE ADRIATIC IN A BOAT.

If you are travelling with your family and you love history, you may be interested in a trip to the nearby DUBROVNIK, where the famous Game of Thrones series was filmed. Or, if you are a big gourmand, be sure to visit STON, where you can try excellent fresh oysters, unique in the world because they can be tasted immediately after being removed from the sea. Near Gradac are also NATIONAL PARDS KRKA AND MLJET, and in neighbouring Bosnia & Herzegovina is on the most famous shrines – MEDUGORJE AND BEAUTIFUL MOSTAR.

Beautiful Locations Nearby

Narona Vid

The Narona Archaeological Museum is located in Vid, near Metković, and was built over the Augusteum (a temple dedicated to the divine Augustus). The museum building was designed by Croatian architect Goran Rako.

The museum exhibit is divided into outer and inner parts. The exterior is partly in front of the museum building with exposed fragments and portions of temple and forum decorations. The exhibition hall is located at the site of the temple where statues of emperors and imperial families are on display. The archaeological material is exhibited in five showcases and is divided into the public life and architecture of Narona. For its special contribution to enriching Croatia’s cultural and tourism offer, the museum has been honored with a special recognition by the Croatian National Tourist Board as part of the “Blue Flower” Award for 2007.

Kravica Waterfalls

Kravica Waterfalls is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 60 km northwest of the Klek resort, in the Studenci municipality near the town of Ljubuški. They are located on the river Trebižat. Their width is about 120 meters, and they drop from a height of 28 meters. Here you can swim or canoe. If you are going on a trip to the waterfalls of the Croatian Adriatic, do not forget to bring your passport (passport, ID). There is no entrance fee to Kravica Waterfalls, you only have to pay for thr parking. For your full experience, we recommend you visit Kravica Waterfalls and read more about them below …


Buna River Spring: Ideal place for an excursion that will relax and inspire you

This beautiful place is ideal for a perfect day trip. A visit to the monastery gives an insight into the Sufi lifestyle, their culture and the tranquility that comes from nature … read more about them below …

Vrelo Bune i Tekija Blagaj: Najpoznatije hercegovačko izletište skriva brojne legende

Take the wine roads of Pelješac and taste the highest quality original wines

Pelješac is a true oenological paradise where winemaking has been developing since the Roman times. This primeval peninsula is today synonymous with the best Croatian red wines, so you simply have to afford the pleasure of tasting them in combination with local shells, fish and meat specialties. Read more about them following the link below …



Panoramic View Spot


The position of the panoramic view spot for a unique visual experience of the Gradac settlement and the Biokovo mountain, including the peaks above Gradac. On the other side, there is an attractive view towards the Dalmatian islands (Hvar, Korčula) and the Pelješac peninsula.